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demp lol. I make horribly buggy games that people actually enjoy for some..unknown reason.


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Posted by MDbeatsYT - August 2nd, 2021



BA: blingos adventure

bc: because


aye! how've you guys been? good? well, I'm sorry to ruin it for ya, but I got some news.

I have lotta things to say so I'm gonna try to...well...say it.

2 weeks ago I said that development is picking up right? well...it was for like...a week...now we haven't changed the game in the past MONTH. yeah. it sucks right now.

Wtf happened exactly?

well... it's hard to explain. Before summer started, me and Cozmos(co-creator and co-founder of our game studio, shurikan studios, if you guys didn't know) decided to work on BA over the summer and release the game or at least a teaser trailer by September / December. easy right? finish the tutorial, first world or 2, record it, and release! boom! done!

we haven't talked about BA since June.

and it's AUGUST(at the time of weighting this)!

yes, we've been picking away at it bit by bit, but no major changes other than something I'd rather not spoil.

now I know you're asking "how in the actual funk has this happened?"

get this...


I'm not joking. we aren't being lazy and shiz.

school has taken a big chunk out of our days and we dont have the time to fully work on the game. yeah, on rare occasions one of us will sit down and pick away at it but not any major strides. it's very frustrating tbh.

What's happening now?

BA is probably gonna be PUSHED TO NEXT YEAR, sadly. until we can actually pick up on it, there won't be that much development. we will try to find times in our days to manage and work on the game but even so it won't really change the release date sadly

we've been working on this game since last August, and I don't know if it was the tight release date we put on ourselves, the schoolwork, or even miscommunication, but somehow we are where we are right now because of one of those things. heck, it might be all of them who knows! but bottom line this game isn't going anywhere right now. it isn't being canceled, it isn't being taken over, and it isn't turning out bad bc of this. BA is staying the same way it is. the development is just going veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrry slow right now.

you guys really mean the world to me and I hope when I release my game that you guys will enjoy it even more than me making it, cuz I really enjoy making it lol.

i dont wanna leave this off on a bad note so here's some good news! when this game does eventually release it will be FREE FOR THE FIRST WEEK OF RELEASE, when it ends it will probably be $2 or smthn idk.

thx for the support and ill see you guys nxt time! squidtim out!

Posted by MDbeatsYT - July 13th, 2021


Posted by MDbeatsYT - May 24th, 2021

development is going slow and i need to finish this game by the end of the summer. oof.

Posted by MDbeatsYT - April 25th, 2021



i hav som good news, and som bad.


blingos adventure is going pretty well right now. we are starting to work on it more and more and I just want to say big things are coming soon...big changes...I'm not addressing them for it would be spoiling the game. but if you want to know...well...you cant. sorry. their pretty big.

now for the bad...

the beta I put out for blingos adventure will NOT be getting any more updates until we finish the full game. so if you wanted something new from the game, well I'm sorry, I rly am. but the reason I'm doing this is to keep our game fresh and exciting at launch(which is kinda a long time away, that sucks tbh) so when you play it, it'll be all-new, and enjoyable to play(unlike the beta).

so I jus wanted to say that and wanted to update you guys on blingos adventure.

also thank you all for the love and support for this game! it rly means the world to me! and I'm not just saying this to end you guys off on a good note, like, it rly made me happy you guys reviewed it and said a bunch of constructive criticism and it really helps out in the long run! this game is strongly based around its community and what it thinks of it.

so thank you guys again so, SO MUCH for everything you people have done.

and I am now going to go to sleep because it is 12:51 am at the time of writing this, and tomorrow(or today in this matter) I'm going to work on the game.

so; thx for everything, I'm rly tired, doing drugs are weird, squidtim out


Posted by MDbeatsYT - March 10th, 2021

sooooo...check it out?

Posted by MDbeatsYT - June 8th, 2020

I have no idea WHAT TO MAKE!

so i am asking YOU people what i should make!

comment what you want me to animate, it can be a video or just a script.

I'll post it on my YouTube channel(go to my pf and you'll find "my YT") and give YOU the credit!




Posted by MDbeatsYT - June 6th, 2020

iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/tFLqkuTrsKw" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>